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When we think of (blockbuster) movies, almost instantly, we think of Hollywood. And yet actually, the world’s movie capital is in Bombay, India. Each year, India’s movie industry, referred to as Bollywood,  produce about twice the output of Hollywood’s. FYI, that’s about 1000 movies annually!

I haven’t seen one, but they say most Bollywood movies doesn’t show  kissing scenes, and are often quite long (3 hours or more), full of melodrama, mostly love stories with lots of dancing and singing. This is certainly one tradition in Indian film making – Music is an integral part of a typical Indian movie. But there are action movies too, like this Ghajini Movie which stars Aamir Khan and Asin. The movie is actually a remake of tamil movie ghajini and based on famous hollywood flick – memento .  Here’s the plot of the movie:

Aamir Khan is a rich businessman and tamil actress asin is an advertisement model who goes around telling everyone that she is the love interest of Aamir, in spite of her having never met him. Aamir happens to hear about this through the media and wants to confront her. On his way, he catches Asin helping handicapped children cross a street. It is love at first sight for Aamir. He hid himself from Asin and she eventually falls in love with him (I wonder if they kiss on the movie, lol). On some unexpected twist of events, Asin was murdered while Aamir was severely injured on his head, and suffered anterograde amnesia. He does not remember anything that happened more than 15 minutes back,  although he frequently has flashbacks of Asin’s murder. Watch the whole movie to see what will happen to Aamir Khan in Ghajini.

Why not bypass your favorite Hollywood movies and go over to the International section of your video store and pick up a movie from India to experience the glory of Indian music, stories, and culture.



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