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Why do people get fat easily while others don’t? I have a colleague who frequently eat a pint of ice cream and doesn’t gain any weight at all. The underlying factor here is the metabolism.The slower your metabolism is, the fewer calories you will burn, thus, even if you don’t increase the amount of food you intake, you’ll automatically add weight and store body fat. The easiest way to speed up your metabolism is start getting active again. Exercise at least 3x a week. Do brisk walking in the morning, take stairs instead of the elevator, join dance classes etc. You should also avoid soda, sugar and oily foods. Eat healthy foods and stop loading up on junk foods. Take away those potato chips, nacho chips, chocolates and other snack foods in your kitchen. And most importantly, avoid those fast food restaurants that you visit frequently.

Study shows it’s easier to gain those pounds rather than to lose them. It will probably take you months even years to remove those fats you’ve accumulated in 3-6 months time! Very true! Just like most young girls, I’ve always had problems with my weight. I’m only 5’2 and my ideal weight is between 103-136 lbs only, too bad, I weigh 137 lbs now LOL. If you’ve been battling with weight loss for years now, and have tried all the available diet there is but still no effect, Liposuction could be your last resort. It removes fat and reduces the number of fat cells bringing back the your curves you thought were gone forever.

Are you ready to cut off those extra fat surrounding your abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks and knees? Scary, eh? Liposuction gives amazing results but it isn’t for everyone. Check out MYA website, they provide liposuction surgery uk, and they can help you decide whether liposuction is for you or not. Don’t forget to check out their before and after  pictures to see the amazing results. They also offer body reshaping, eye lid surgery, tummy tuck and breast augmentation.  

True beauty lies within and I can’t argue with that. But don’t you think it’s so much better if you can make yourself beautiful from the inside and out?


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