I need to raise up 100K in 2 months time. Ok, that’s quite big, I’ll cut it down to half. Yeap, I need 50K in 2 months time! How in the world am I gonna do that? You see, I’m just a lowly worker earning above minimum wage. I’m paying bills after bills each month, and they keep on piling up like plates.

I need to  find ways to earn extra income during my free time, but I don’t have free time anymore!!! I am busy watchingDVDs and sleeping LOL. I know I need to work harder this time. So the plan is to render 84 OTs in 2 months (42 working days, 2 hours OT each), plus 9 WoRDs (Work on Rest Days). But that wont be enough. Guess I should start my online busines as soon as possible. You probably know that I love beading. It is fun, a bit tiring yet rewarding and worthwhile. If you’re a good designer with the heart of an entrepreneur, you can actually earn a lot from this hobby. Yeap, I’m putting up an online bead store ASAP. First, I need a marketing plan. I need new beading materials and new beads. I need to get those custom Stickers from frontierlabel.com for the packaging. I need a new desk, a lamp and a magnifying glass LOL. I’ll be posting some of my products soon, if you want to order customized design, just email me.  

I’m quite sure, with your help and God’s provision, I’ll get that 50K savings in 2 months time. Weeeh!

PS, save chuvaness now and donate to my paypal! Thanks! LOL


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. kudos to you malen – i know in my heart na kayang-kaya mong maging successful yang papasukin mong business. grabe, sa galing mong mag-PR….anything is possible…go for it! :em55:

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