My Wisdom Tooth Is Killing Me Huhuhu

Grrrrr. I’ve got a bad tooth which is right down to the root and it is killing me. It’s hurting so bad I can barely open my mouth to eat and talk huhuhu. Imagine, I am 30lbs lighter now (fantasy lang lol).  I can’t even smile huhuhu. The bottom part of my right cheek is extremely warm, and this freakin wisdom tooth is giving me headaches too. Ano ba naman yan, heartache, headache, toothache…lahat na ng klaseng ache. Ano ba naman yan, Lord (with a very sweet tone, ok). Test of faith ba itey? Have I become really bad like a monster this year? Huhuhu I have been EATING mefenamic for 5 days now. This is sooo wrong timing. Super bad trip to the highest level of all levels! Die wisodm tooth! Die! Die! I’ve been advised to have it removed ASAP. I was trying to pull it out myself last night but I can’t hahaha huhuhu. I am in serious pain huhuhu. You don’t have any idea how much it’s hurting me huhuhu. And this is what hurts me most….the surgery cost is around 7 freakin K!

Put the smile back on my face, help me stop my freakin tootache, donate now for my surgery WAHAHAHA (I am serious).

here is my paypal account:

I wi$h you all a merry Chri$tma$!


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