Does wearing a suit increase self-esteem?

In my younger years, I have always dreamed of becoming an executive manager so I could wear suits from time to time. You know how it feels when you wear a suit right? Don’t you just love wearing them while walking the streets of Ayala? It makes you look smarter and more confident. It kinda gives you a certain level of stature, ok, maybe not to all but to most people, I think wearing a nice and branded suit with perfect fit helps them feel good about themselves. And when you to go to some place else, you gain the respect of the people around you almost instantly, and you leave them the impression that you work as a manager.

Yah know, I like to dress nicely. I like it better when I’m wearing a nice blouse from Bayo or Kamiseta as┬ácompared to wearing a blouse I bought from St. Francis’ tiangge. I love the way I’m feeling (I feel prettier LOL.). I don’t know, it’s just different. It’s Psychological, I guess. It’s like, the more expensive you wear, the more you become beautiful. That I think is one of the biggest conspiracy between the clothing and fashion industry to take our hard earned money. Blame those print ad models you see all over.

Ok, back to suits, I work in a BPO industry, unfortunately, we’re not required to wear formal clothes at all, so my dream of wearing a perfect black suit is yet to come LOL. That’s ok, besides, I don’t have my own car yet. It isn’t comfortable to wear suits in this warm and tropical country while riding a bus to and from the office, right?


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. I certainly agree with you Malen. Wearing a power suit or a pricey blouse/shirt makes one person special as it brings out the confidence within.

    Naks, pang-Miss Universe na answer yan ha! *wink* :em55:

  2. well wearing a nice and expensive one probably ups someones self-esteem as its really psychological. one thinks everyone knows how expensive is the clothes when in-fact not everyone knows. also it’s in the way you carry the clothes sobrang mahal nga di naman carry wala ring wenta hehehe. just my two cents.

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