Loving The Victorian Era

I love the Victorian era – all t hat majestic gown, victorian arts and culture. I just love it. My idea of a perfect night is watching marathoning my favorite victorian movies while eating popcorn. I love going back thru all the special scenes so I can look in closer detail to all the nice places and costumes. Many times I imagined myself riding a carriage around the neighborhood or side saddle on a horse while visiting the park. I would love to go back to this time, if I can.

My favorites Victorian movies among others are Pride and Prejudice, Great Expectations, Anna and the King, Little Women, Persuasion etc. Told yah, I’m such an old skool. Not only do I love the whole “setting”, I also love the classical music. Maybe, I was once a princess in my past life,  or maybe a duchess or a baronness perhaps. LOL


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  1. Rocky says:

    nosebleed! :) ) ahaha

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