Loving Regine’s Low Key Album

Yeah know, I like Regine most of the time. I do not like her affair with Ogie though, and her friendship with Michelle (Ogie’s ex-wife, of course) looks superficial. Alright, I’m being judgemental but I don’t know, I find it weird. To me, it’s just unacceptable. I can never ever be friends with the new wife of my unfaithful husband, ifever LOL. Ok, this post is actually about Regine’s latest album of cover songs, Low Key. I super love it. You’ll hardly hear her belting aggressively, which is quite new to me. The songs are nice, mushiness all over, laid back and heartwarming. I wear my favorite lingerie as I go to sleep(check out lingeriediva.com for a wide selection of linngeries, they’ve got plus size lingerie too), turn on my ipod and I listen to it over and over. My favorite is And I Love You So (originally by Don Mclean).


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