Spend Your Holiday Bonus Wisely

Christmas means holiday bonus. Yeay! I super love this season, there’s just a lot of extra money I can spend for myself. LOL. I’m thinking of buying that pair of shoes I saw yesterday at People are People shop. Or probably get that new bag at Schu! But then, I just bought one last week. How about a new cellphone? An iphone perhaps? New clothes?  I could easily buy them for myself but I think, with all the financial crisis going on, I would like to spend my money on more important things. Like,

Pay off my credit card, loan and all other payables.

Make some investments for my future. That includes investing on MF, getting an Affordable Health Insurance etc. You can get your free Health Insurance Quotes at online-health-insurance.com.

I will set aside some for my emergency fund. My goal is to have at least 3 to 6 months worth of emergency cash, so in case anything unexpected and expensive happens, I’ll save myself from too much worries .

It’s good to share right? You know, I’d really like to give to charity. Money, old clothes, old stuff…whatever. I find it fulfilling to be able to share some cheer over to the needy.

And then lastly, treat my family to a dinner.

How about you? How will you spend your bonus this time?


Delivered by Madam Auring

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