Remembering College Life

I am missing college life. I’ve had so many wonderful memories from the University and when I look back at my life then, I can help but laugh out loud. Here are some unforgettable stories I wanna share. Let me start here:

* I hated my Ruthie the first time I saw her. Her presence was quite irritating and I get annoyed whenever I hear her voice. Later on, we became really good friends. She is my bestfriend for 11 years now.

* I dated a guy who was 3 years younger than me. He’s the younger brother of my very good friend. I don’t ever see myself dating younger men again. Very complicated.

* Falling in and out and in and out of love with my-so-called-first *puppy* love. Contrary to what others believe, first love dies. It died on me. It did take a while but it will pass and your agony will end. Trust me.

* The reason why I got a perfect UNO with my Physics 1 class was because I cheated big time. The next sem I took Physics 2, I almost failed it.

* I failed my Accounting 101 class. I hated it. I don’t have patience using those long ledgers, and balance sheets etc. I would galdly accept if I failed Calculus or Thermodynamics but a minor subject (for Engineering) like Accounting, it’s not just right.

* I had one big fight with one of my very close friends. As in big fight like I was fuming with anger and we kept shouting at each other in front of many people. I was soooo bad, I made her cry that day. Until today, I still remember the exact words I said to her.

* I danced MACARENA in front of my classmates. It’s a class presentation and I had to do it. Yikes. Everybody was screaming as I groove to that song. The thing is, I was giving it my best shot, which made it look funnier.

There’s just sooo many good and bad things I will forever cherish. Don’t you love your college life? I still wanna pursue my studies and take another degree but my busy schedule will not allow me to go back to University. How about getting  Online Degrees instead? I have thought about it, and I’m seriously planning to get one soon. If you’re interested, check out this list of online degrees at Earn College Degree website. Have fun!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. :em32:
    Di ko rin ma get over yung fact that you liked me kasi parehas tayo ng way pauwi…. har har har

    It’s so nice remembering those days…kasi dati problema lang is kung papasa tayo sa subject, pera pang baon, at kung saan susunod na maglalakwatsa…

    Up to this moment….di ko pa rin makalimutan ang masigabong sigawan nyo sa 5th Flr lobby ng CEA building that day…I just stood there, doing nothing….first time kasing maka witness eh… 🙂

  2. hay those were the days! pero manay take note pag angkas mo ng trenta,kiber na yung 2-3 years younger.Pramis!prang mag sing idad lang o baka ako lang yung isip bata noon hahaha

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