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I have a gazillion friends from different places. Friends since childhood, friends from High School, friends I met from the youth org I joined years ago, friends from the ministry, friends from the university, friends I met through other friends, friends on friendster, myspace, multipy, facebook and of course, blog friends! There’s just soo many of them! Of course, they’re not all my BFF’s, and I may not be always around for them if they need my help, but I make sure that whenever I get a chance, I send them sms, email or call them. That’s just a simple gesture but who knows, it could very well brighten their day.

Yeah, you can easily say that I am a friendly person. Well, I don’t have much problems blending with others, I love socializing! So when one of my blogmates accused me of being snobbish and cold,  honestly, I was speechless. I try to be friendly as much as I can and yet, to him, I was playing all snob. I know, I am not replying to your comments as often as I can, I hope you guys understand that I am quite loaded with work every single day LOL. Besides, I usually spend an enormous amount of time trying to come up with words to say to you all. But I will make it to you guys. As I way of showing my love and gratitude to you all, for sticking up with me all this time,  I’m having a contest soon. And here are the prices at stake:

1. Free Domain

2. Free Hosting

3. Free Domain + Hosting

4. Paypal love gift worth 50$

5. Gifts from

Come back soon for more details. Ciao!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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