What Will You Do With 1.5M?

I was watching TV the other day, and this lucky woman on her 30’s won 1.5M cash prize, the host from the game show asked her what she plans to do with her money, and this is what she had to say:

“I will put it in the bank, to finance the tuition expenses of my children ’til college”

I mean, what’s that? Are you just gonna stuck your money there? I don’t think that is being wise. If I win that huge amount of money, part of it will go to my emergency fund, some will be used to put up my own business, and the rest will be invested on mutual funds, stocks and be used on trading (online trading perhaps).

You know why¬†we have many successful Fil-Chinese businessmen around, that’s not only because they’re hardworking, moreso, because they’re taught on how to handle and invest their money at an early age. Our beloved Filipino parents would say, “Son, study hard so that once you graduate, you’ll find a good JOD and be an employee.” While Chinese parents would say, “Son, study hard so that once you graduate, you’ll handle your OWN business. And I sooo agree with the latter.


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  1. you are so right malen about the filipino-chinese mentality….

    actually, to tell you honestly, my parents raised us to study hard daw so that when we grow up we can find a good job…pero alam mo ngayon, kaming magkakapatid we are now deciding to raise our kids to have a businessminded persona para naman hindi na lang habang-buhay na manggagawa. we are actually starting now…

    and back to that 30 something lady who won….hay naku, maling decision yun if you ask me, maliit lang ang interest rate nun. sobrang lugi ka pa kasi sila lang makikinabang.

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