Nuffnang’s First Movie Premiere: Burn After Reading

Watched Nuffnang’s first ever movie premier last night, Burn After Reading, (Brad Pitt and George Clooney), with aimzster and pusa.

me and my singing friend amy (feeling red carpet) with special participation of Gab

my super dear kumare, pusa

with the byoootiful Jing, nuffnang phils manager

“grabeeeh!! ang gwapo ni brad pitt!!!”

peace and justice league

After seeing it, I ended up scratching my head and got clueless. Just like the CIAs, I don’t feckin’ know what I learned either. Seriously, it’s somehow idiotic, outlandish and yet, downright intelligent. A social commentary done with stupid humor. Not my type of movie but nonetheless, it was fun. Great casting. My favorite is John Malkovich’s character, Osbourne Cox. Harsh and rude all the time, quite entertaining.

Osbourne Cox: I know very well what you represent. You represent the idiocy of today.
Ted Treffon: No, I don’t represent that either.
Osbourne Cox: You are part of a league of morons. Oh, yes. You see you’re one of the morons I’ve been fighting my whole life. But guess what. Today, I win.

Osbourne Cox: You’re a Mormon. Compared to you we all have a drinking problem.

Osbourne Cox: Sorry, I don’t happen to know my account number because unfortunately I don’t sit around all day trying to memorize the f*ckin numbers! Moron!

I must commend Pitt’s short-lived appearance too, sooo cute. George Clooney looks very old in the film but still sexy. Thanks nuffnang for hosting this event. I hope next time, TWILIGHT naman weeeeh! Wait, I didn’t get any SM gift checque LOL. And it was fun to see some Pinoy bloggers out there.

Aerin, Earthlingorgeous, Ada, Gab, sorry I forgot the rest.

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 photos by Eric Fernandez of nuffnang phils


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. :em32: ansaya naman! sayang nakisingit sana ako sa linya. Ay alam mo may kwentong juan del barrio ako, nung una kong sine rito, namahalan talaga ako sa popcorn, kaya nung sunod na date namin ni Mister, aysus, maleta talaga ang dala ko, laman ang isang sakong pocorn. wahaha. maisulat pala, at i trackback kita.

  2. Hindi ko na lang sya sa tv! mahirap makapanood ngayon sa sine kung may tatlong kuto bitbitin :em71:

    Sana may mag load niyan sa youtube ng patago,paki bigay sa akin link hahaha

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