Loving The Holiday Rush

I did tell you that one of my favorite seasons of the year, other than summer vacation, is the Christmas and New Year. I super love it. Don’t you just love that time of year when people really take a moment to focus on their family and special friends?  Let me tell you other reasons why I love Christmas, first, the whole neighborhood seems friendlier with pretty lights everywhere. Bonus. Aren’t you excited to get your 13th month pay and other free stuff at the office? I am!!! Christmas means family bonding. This is the time of the year when all of us in the family would gather for the much awaited reunion, where lots of delicious foods are served and laughters are shared. Several Christmases ago, we spent our Christmas in a private pool somewhere in Bulacan. Yeay, we went swimming ’til wee hours of the night and tell you, it was freezing cold but it was fun. Christmas also means shopping. Everyone is shopping already! Whether it’s online shopping or out in the mall or streets of Quiapo and Divisoria, people are making purchases as early as now to make into presents for family and special friends. This is the time of the year when I shop ’til I drop LOL. I just love the holiday rush!

The only thing I hate about the holidays is the freakin traffic and finding a parking space. Malls can get really crowded you can’t figure out where you’re supposed to park.


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Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Christmas is a special holiday. It is about spending time with your family, giving, and celebrating the birth of Jesus. Family is a big word to me because we all care about our family and the people that you love and cherish, and it doesn’t get better than that. Also thinking about if it’s your last Christmas with a family member or somebody special because you never know what going to happen. I think it is important to just take a second and think about other people who don’t know who their family is and don’t have a Christmas. A big thing is to give, give to the poor who don’t have anything and give to make people happy.

  2. Christmas rush is a major downside (obviously hehehe) here in UAE. no “bakas” of Chritmas to almost everywhere. no decorations at malls, no Christmas songs, no Christmas air/smell feeling. very rare to see those! at isa pa ay hindi mo naman kasi kasama ang pamilya kaya kulang na kulang talaga ng bonggang bongga ika nga ni geisha hehehe. nakakamiss! Advance Merry Chrismas ms.malen! :em32:

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