My First Sony Experience is with my Sony VAIO Laptop

My first SONY Experience is not with a TV, Betamax, radio, camera, not even a WALKMAN. Heck, I grew up being deprived of many wonderful things in life. There’s no SONY in the Barrio, you know LOL.When I was kid, I had heaps of ordinary friends from our low class neighborhood…and few well-off friends from the  high society LOL. I would frequent the house of my well-off bestfriend, of course, so I could watch Betamax movies when her mom’s not around. And at times when we’re not watching, we would turn on their SONY radio cassette player to sing and dance ala Madonna LOL.

When I went to HS, I wanted to have a yellow SONY walkman so I could fit in with the cool girls from school. My father worked overseas for 8 years, and all the time that he was there, I wrote him hundreds of letters asking  for a walkman, but he didn’t bother at all. When I entered college, the cool students at school listened to SIDE A band on their SONY portable CD players in between breaks. And your poor Chuvaness here only managed to listen to music using her fake FM tuner from Divisoria. The only SONY gadget I had (if you can actually call it a gadget lol) was…a SONY scientific calculator I used when solving mathematical equations LOL.

When I started working, each year, I would set aside some of my Christmas bonus to buy a SONY gadget – Sony Cybershot digicam, Playstation or PSP. Unfortunately, I would end up empty handed since the money would mostly go to some charitable institutions founded by my mother hahaha.

Over the years, technology has improved so much and yet, my lifestyle has not. I still live in the Jurassic era with my jurassic computer and other jurassic stuff. I have not really bought anything for myself these past years. I guess now is  the perfect moment that I get myself a laptop (a SONY VAIO to be exact) as a Christmas gift for all my hardwork. I could have easily purchased other brands but I am very partial to SONY, to me they are the world leader in the electronics and entertainment industries. They provide great features and by far, they offer  the best looking portable computers on the PC platform. I can be very ambisyosa you know, I want my laptop to be top-of-the-line, otherwise, I am fine thank you, I’ll just use my jurassic desktop  lol. The  only problem is …I live in POVERTY lol. Kaines.

So I worked harder and longer…got sidelines left and right. I sold Avon, Sarah Lee, Natasha, Triumph, insurance, polvoron, beads and all other stuff LOL until I had enough $$$. The elusive dream of having my own SONY gadget has finally come to an end.  The long wait is over. Indeed, it is a dream 20+ years in the making LOL and it’s all worth it….weeeeeh! Thank you Reyna Elena for your generosity and kind heart (i didn’t have that many $$$, Reynz actually paid quite big for my laptop). I am forever grateful to you (you know I heart you, sorry na). Dear readers, I present to you my very first SONY – SONY VAIO LAPTOP (FW series)!!! I am one happy blogger…your ditse here is now blogging using her bonggang bonggang 4G RAM, 250G HDD, Intel Core 2 Duo lappie courtesy of The Reyna Elena. It’s a TV+Betamax+walkman+calculator+radio+CD player all rolled into 1. Yeay, what a bonggang bonggang feeling!!!

Did you see the price?

Shucks!!!! A bit pricey but it’s worth every cent!!!

Blogging’s more fun with my new SONY  Vaio laptop. You know I am a heavy computer/internet user. The built-in wifi allows me to have internet access all the time. The 4G RAM allows me to run multiple applications like Photoshop and Moviemaker at the same time, no need to worry about sudden computer crash. Now, I can edit videos and upload them on youtube right away! Here’s the sample video I prepared, taken during the TURN OVER ceremony LOL.

[youtube K81YPSNRGNw]

Did you see how delighted  excited thrilled  hysterical I was? LOL. My bloglife has turned full circle. I’ve never enjoyed blogging as much as I am enjoying it now. No more back pains due to long hours of sitting in front of my PC.  I can now bring it in my room, blog from dusk ’til dawn and sleep beside it. My SONY VAIO experience definitely gave significance in my life just like the Sony’s World’s First Smallest, Lightest and Slimmest Full HD Camcorder: TG1 Handycam, another amazing gadget which will help me capture many special winning moments just like the video above. 


Delivered by Madam Auring

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    1. brother, thanks sa lemonade stall. libre ba ang franchise nyan? LOL seriously, thanks, to be part of your blogroll is an honor alreadt, and to be part of your top 12 is like…heaven hahahaha

  1. hey sis, welcome to the world of laptop-ping (nyek, nagpauso ng term! :em50: ) sarap talaga ng naka-laptop over desktop noh? i use naman compaq presario :em55:

    1. oh yeah! trulili talaga ang LAW OF ATTRACTION. yung what your mind perceive the body can achieve thingy. i blogged about this sony vaio 2 months ago. Kaloka, after exactly 2 months, I got my SONY VAIO and it’s even better than what I’ve ever imagined

  2. Abaw!! :em34: namamahagi pala ang reyna ng mga ganyan hindi ko man lang nabalitaan keylangan ko pa naman tatlo,isa sa kusina,isa sa sala, pede na rin doon sa may bandang kubeta :em62: hahaha

    seriously inday, am so happy for ya!enjoy your new toy! :em70:

  3. Pa-engget!

    Kaya, take care of it. Bawasan ang mga pop-up ads sa site mo, (I swear daming naglilitawan) baka masira. Kapag bago, nakakatakot pa nakakatakot mag online parang you’re letting the hackers know, “uy may bago ako, o ano, inggit ka”?

  4. hehe tsaka ko na sya sasambahin pag ok na yun blog nya my problema ata..

    ” Reyna Elena Abe Purisima Rocks”
    kakatuwa un pics mo na nagnnonosebleed..hehe :em55:

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