Lose Those Extra Pounds The Easy Way

I’m probably one of the laziest persons you’ll meet when it comes to dieting or long hours of workouts. And even if I am now living few steps (78 steps to be exact) away from Fitness First, I still struggle to find time to go there at least 3x a week. My only exercise is the walking I do when going to and from the office, which takes about 10mins only. Do you also find it hard spending time to the gym? Are you one of the many people who want to lose weight but don’t want to sweat for it? Would you rather stay home, surf the net and watch TV after office hours? Do you desire to  be active and fit but don’t have enough time to do so?

Here are some simple tips on how you can lose those extra pound without too much effort. Read on!

1. Don’t go through long hours of workout. Try doing your routines for 2-3 minutes only. Nothing more. Believe me, this is the most efficient for all you lazy people like me. You can do it during commercials of your favorite soap opera, while watching videos on youtube and downloading stuff from the internet.

2. It’s ok to eat 5 times a day but make sure you eat healthy foods. Cut down on fats, sugar and salt intake. Eat veggies, fruits like 2-3 apples a day and low calorie yogurts. Never as in never skip meals. If yoour stomach is empty, your body will not have anything to digest and will not absorb any nutrients which will cause your metabolism to slow down. Plus, don’t forget to take Vitamins and Minerals (for guys, check out BSN Supplements).



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  1. kung toning tama lang yung maliliit na workout pero para mas toned down kelangn ding ramihan. iba ibang dami ng routine para mabilis ang development. tama din yung kumain ka kasi yung minerals din ang gagamot sa pagod na muscles natin.

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