The Life of Imelda Marcos and Her Shoes


IMELDIFIC adjective. Ostentatiously extravagant to the point of vulgarity (from Imelda Marcos, shoe collector extraordinaire). Who is known world-wide for having the most shoes in the world.

Imelda Marcos gained notoriety for her extensive shoe, gown, and jewelry collection. Can you believe that, she owned 2700 pairs of shoes (size 8 1/2)!!! The former first lady’s extravagant lifestyle reportedly included five-million-dollar shopping tours in New York, Rome and Copenhagen in 1983, and sending a plane to pick up Australian white sand for a new beach resort. She purchased a number of properties in Manhattan in the 1980s, including the $51-million Crown Building and the $60-million Herald Centre; she declined to purchase the Empire State Building for $750m as she considered it “too ostentatious”. Her New York real estate was later seized and sold, along with much of her jewels and most of her 175 piece art collection, which included works by Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Canaletto. By the late 1950s, she claimed, her husband had amassed a personal fortune of 7,500 tons of gold, and after gold prices climbed in the 1970s, the Marcos family was worth 35 billion dollars, and as of 2008, the Marcoses have a net worth of over 215 billion dollars!!!

Frekkin shooot! Grrrrrr.

Imelda Marcos’ extreme adoration to everything extravagant is just sooo unfair, too self-centered and vain. I wonder why one would accumulate 2,700 pairs of shoes? Are you going to use all of them? Ok, here’s a confession, I was once an Imeldific! I used to have several pairs I use in different days, moods and attires. But due to poverty LOL, I have learned to limit my shoe shopping galore. To date, I only have 6 pairs which I wear to work. My most favorite pair is the bronze colored wedge I bought in Azalea. The other pairs I have includes an Alaris Nike rubber shoes, 2 leather wedges from Mendrez, a black open toe shoes and a boots. Check out website for all the latest shoe designs available this season. Love this Pour La Victoire -heels, looks really imeldific! LOL

Ok now back to the Marcoses, I just don’t understand how one could take spending so much when the rest of the people around hardly eat 3 meals a day? 21 years – clearly, that is what you call power tripping. Marcos and his cronies took huge commissions and bribes on Government contracts and are believed to have acquired an enormous hoard of ill-gotten wealth, but how much has been recovered? And after more than 20 years of being overthrown, they’re still free (cronies included), unrepentant and untouched by the legal system.

Now, where’s justice, equality and good governance?


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Hello Malensky,

    Ironically, justice will never prevail in this country full of deceit and power-tripping. Look at our government now, may nabago ba? Ganun pa rin naman. :em25:

    Hayz… :em61:

  2. havent you realized the world is not fair…. people with money always have the advantage! ill gotten or not they have the money!! so let it be.

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