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I lived half of my life living in this small town near the Bulacan province. I love it here. I live very close to my cousins and I have many happy childhood memories here. But things change. Recently, I moved in to a new place near the office where I work. My sister also moved in to another place near her office. And now, my 2 brothers has decided to moved to a new house somewhere in Manila, where both of them work. OMG! Who’s going to stay in this apartment now? This house will be locked on weekdays and that scares me. I have plenty of stuff in my house you know LOL. I have to think of a plan. Should I move to some place else, in QC perhaps? Or Manila? Should I buy a house and lot instead? OK, next week, I’ll talk to my friend to help me find a townhouse. She works in a real estate company for years now.

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