The Things I Learned from Blogging

I have lived 20 plus years of my life with absolutely very little regrets. My life is far from perfect but in my own world, it is the best life I have ever seen. Yes, I’ve only had very few moments of greatness. In most cases, you’ve seen me looking silly and stupid with my nosebleed flowing like a river. Oftentimes, you’ll hear me whining about (yikes) mushy things, nonsense things, the ex bf who cheated on me, and many jologs slash corny stuff. I may have spoken to you guys in such a way that you’ll remember me as someone who is not as intellect as you. I may seem horrible to some. Prejudiced to many. Some even laughed at my weaknesses. Many were embarrassed with my being tactless and hated my ficklemindedness. Abhorred by many, loved by few – I am all that and more.


I never talk about things I do not understand. I never say things I cannot defend and withstand. You see, I’ve always been honest….in my words and actions. I am generous in telling you the truths about myself, be it good or bad. I don’t have fears in letting you see me in my ugliest and downfall moments, just as I am not ashamed to let you become a part of my shining and glittering moments. Why? Because I don’t have a friggin image to protect. I would not want to mislead you. What you see online is the same person you’ll see offline. I have always preserved my honesty, and it didn’t spare me from getting into troubles. In fact, it has caused me many haters, detractors, heartaches and happiness, as well. That’s ok. A lot of people have hurt me a thousand times already, and there will be more who’ll come to hurt me even more. That’s life. I have no control over these people,besides, I  treat them as some sort of inspiration – to help me realize my potential, strength, willpower and heart.

Just like in real life, in the blogging world aka blogosphere (duh. lol), if someone treats you nicely, you have to treat them nice too. If someone loves you, show them love in whatever way you can, not becuase they loved you first, but because in a way, they are teaching you to love and how to open your heart and eyes to things. If some people, have hurt your feelings in any way (intentional or not), gang up on you, says bad things against you, betrays your trust, or breaks your heart, forgive them, for they have helped you learn about loyalty, trust, friendship and the importance of being cautious to whom you open your heart. Always speak the truth, be generous in sharing your experiences, connect to people, talk to them and listen to what they have to say. In true reyna elena’s fashion, learn the art of social climbing. Speak your mind, break free, set your spirits high and hold your head up because you have every right to – these and many others are the things I learned from blogging for the past 5 years.

Thank you guys for being a part of my blogging journey all these days, weeks, months and years.  I am grateful for all the laughters and fun times.

Sabi nga ni Pres. Obama, CHANGE HAS COME! CHANGE HAS COME  TO THIS BLOG!!! Behold! The old has gone, the new has come, pero hinde pa ngayon. Wala munang tao, isasara muna ang tindahan. I’ll see you all soon when everything becomes crystal clear to me. Sobrang jaded ng ditse nyo LOL.


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  1. :em70: True yan, when people show their love and appreciation, you have to return the favor. I’m not saying na maging plastic o mambola ng blogger, kasi mahahalata naman yun. Sabi nga, you can’t always fake it.

    Hala, blog lang ng blog ditse! Hayaan mong ma nose bleed ng bonggang bongga ang mga taong walang magawa. Pero sa mga taong na-aapreciate ang mga posts mo, walang dahilan para hindi umarangkada sa pagrampa (I mean pagbablog hehehe) :em50:

  2. anong kalechehan to?! hahaha! hoyy! hahaha! anoooooo!!! in love ka ba? me nag-break ba nang heart mo? me nasagap ka bang balita? ANOOOOOO!!! MAGSABI KA NANG TOTOOOOO!!!! hahahaha!

  3. wow malen, di pala kita masyadong kilala.. inapi ka pala di ko pa alam.. :em62: no.. kidding aside.. :em42: ang galing ng pagkakasabi mo about yourself.. naniniwala ako sayo.. kung na-offend man kita noon, pasensya na kase akala ko ok lang ang mga biro ko sayo.. i know may instance na nangyari dati hehe.. i treated you as my friend the first time we met.. Good luck! and God Bless!

  4. Paalam na ba ‘top – parang si Rocel Nava? Hmmm, anong chika? Ditse – chizmizan mo naman ako.. at nga pala – hindi ko pa na-ba-blog pero MANY MANY THANKS SA MGA GOODIES NA PINADALA MO!! Medyo busy masyado ang ditse kay JOSHKO kaya wa akong time mag-blog ngayon. Heart muna daw bago pera.. hahaha!!

    :em42: :em42: :em42: :em70: :em70: :em70:

  5. naku sis, nakaka-relate ako sa iyo. natira na rin ako lately. pero sabi nga ni reynz, keber daw…i agree…

    i guess what important sis is that, you are happy blogging and lot of people (like me) are happy reading your blog. keep it up. you are doing great!

    snow :em50: :em70:

  6. nung napabisita ako sa blog/site mo parang natuwa akong halughugin mga posts mo. kahapon lang ako nagsimulang isiksik sarili ko dito sa bahay mo.hehe

    tama ka:
    “Always speak the truth, be generous in sharing your experiences, connect to people, talk to them and listen to what they have to say”

    sa mga bagong blogger na katulad ko ay dapat nga ganyan ang atittude. anyways salamat ulit

  7. bords, kala ko may essay writing contest ka na namang sinalihan. seryoso ka pala. teka, pahid muna ako ng luha. ok.
    alam mo bords, minsan ang mga bagay na mas nakakasakit sa atin ay yung mga bagay na pinangungunahan nating paniwalaan na hindi naman pala totoo. one thing i learned from life is never assume. don’t jump to conclusions when you have limited information. it is not lying when people withhold information. anyways, whatever is bothering you, you got your family and friends around you. at the end of the day, it is them who matters most.

  8. This is NOT.SO.YOU. Hahaha.

    I always thought Malen is the Kikay, Funny and Stalker. I like your blog sound like that. Photos there, underwater, or head-image cuts off to Angelina’s body – I mean that’s what your blog is, people come back dahil nakakatawa kang hindi nagpapatawa.

    Gaya nga ng sabi mo, this is your blog you can do/write/posy whatever you like.

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