Time Is Gold

Indeed. That’s why I always wear a watch to keep track of time. I am one very (trying-to-be) busy person, at times, 24hours is not enough for me to do all my social climbing actividadez LOL. Seriously, I’ve been busy with work and with my laundry the past days hahaha. I took a short vacation last week and now, my workload has piled up like dinner plates. I need to do a lot of catching up.

Anyway, back to wearing watches, I have had several pieces from way way back, some of them I still keep, specially the ones that were given to me by my father.

When I was in HS, my favorite piece of jewelry was a Benetton watch with yellow green strap. It looked really hip and cool. Love its color and design. It has this big sunflower image with yellow gold edges. When I went to college, I fell in love with ladies watch from Guess with gold-coloured strap teamed with a square dial. It looked glamorous and stylish. On regular days, I would opt to wearing a Muji double strap (red) wrist watch for a more cozy look.

Now that I’m a yuppy, I’m rooting for that classic Bezel bangle watch from Gucci. You know the ones with interchangeable colors? Super love it! Looked really nice, Very fashionable and expensive too!!! I think it would work well with any outfit since it comes with 5 different colors. I have always loved that model eversince I was a kid. Another favorite is a white Nike sports watch. Yuu know I love everything about Nike – from bag to shoes to watches! I also have a Timex diver’s watch, given to me by a friend. I love how it lights up even when you wear it under the sea.

How about you? What’s your favorite watch? Do you also have a collection? You need at least one piece for each of the following women’s watch classifications – a Sports watch, Dress watch and Jewelry watch. One thing though, they’re very expensive. If you have no enough¬†budget for real authentic and branded watches, well, there are Fake watches¬†you can avail online. Check them out, I guess you wont spot big difference between highly expensive original watches and fake ones.


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  1. hataw lang mare heheeh malaki pa ang babayaran mo hehehe! kung gusto mong mabilisang bayaran, just say the word at pirmahan ang papeles nang transfer of human property heheehe

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