How To Crack Your Neighbor’s WEP Key

I still don’t have internet in the apartment. I usually rely on my neighbor’s unsecured network, unfortunately, they configured WPA on their wireless router just recently. Grrrrr. I can actually pick up several networks around the window, up to 10 at times, but mostly secured connections. It’s just frustrating. I tried Netsumbler but it doesn’t work on Vista. I installed Vistumbler, it sure did get more signal from APs around and I was actually hoping it would let me crack the wep key, too bad, it didn’t. So I searched the web for helpful tips and this is what I found out:

How to crack most WEP encrypted Access Points:

First, you need to download the ff tools:

Kismet (any working version)
Aireplay 2.2 beta
Aircrack 2.1

The procedures is kinda long, will blog about it soo, when I have enough time. Will work with almost any wireless router, whether Linksys, used cisco, Netgear or Dlink. Happy cracking!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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