DFA Passport Appointment System

My passport has lapsed already. I’m renewing it soon in preparation for our Asian Tour early next year.  I’ve been planning for this trip for the past 2 years and I’m glad it’s happening now. Here’s good news for all the busy people like you and me – the Department of Foreign Affairs has launched their Passport Appointment System online. Yeay, the power of internet! I can now renew my passport without ever going to DFA at an early hour, waiting for the long queue. Check out passport.com.ph for more information. 


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Hay, yung passport ko yung green na sulat-kamay pa rin. Good you’ll have the new machine-readable kind, hindi maaasar yung mga nasa immigration control at yung mga nakapila sa likod mo. When you get it, plan the big European trip na rin. =)

    1. daaayyy ang saya saya naman ng lifestyle mo sobrang jelly ako sa mga trips mo dyan sa Europe kelan kaya ako ipe-petition ng fafa ko jan LOL

      i soooo envy you…and nice nice outfit you got there :em32:

      hope to see you someday, but not in europe siguro, kahit sa SM North na lang hahahha

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