Giving Is Loving

Yey, it’s 57 days to go. Can’t wait.

My favourite time of year is the period between Christmas and New Year. Don’t you just love that season? When I think about some of my happiest memories, Christmas always comes to mind. You know I grew up in a closed knit big family. At Christmas, we always gather at my aunt’s house to enjoy, not only the delicious food, but also to enjoy dancing, singing and each other, as well. We always have such great times during Holidays. What I enjoy the most is the gift giving time. Do you love giving gifts? I do. Each year, I spend lots of money lol to buy stuff for my family, friends and many godchildren. They may not be that expensive but I make sure they’re really special. I find joy and satisfaction in giving. When I was young, I didn’t get many gifts. I was deprived, if I may say. LOL. The only thing I remember getting from my godmother was a pair of pink sandals and it didn’t even fit in, but it made me extremely happy. Such memory is still vivid and I always smile whenever I look back at that moment in my life.

Giving is loving, indeed. Don’t you just feel special when someone gives you a gift? It’s a powerful thing. It’s one gesture that can bring sunshine to a gloomy day. It can sometimes make an enormous difference to a person. Although a hug, a kiss or even a genuine smile can make people happy already, giving material things can make people happier. It is an expression of love. When I started earning some money, I made sure I allot a special budget to share to my family and friends. I can be very generous at times. It’s my way of giving back to the world what it has given me.

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I encourage you to practice giving everyday. It’s good for the heart. Let’s not make Christmas the only time to give. It should be a daily action, even in just simple things. Remember, God loves a genuine and cheerful giver.


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