Just a Quick Hello To Y’all

Just a quick hello to y’all. Busy ang ditse nyo. Will blog about these things when I come back:

Social Climbing Overdose (The Shangrila Expedition)

Meet My Very Vain Boy Friend LOL

The Monster Who Stole My 2G Flash Disk 

The Puerto Galera Invasion

When Reyna Meets The Haciendera

More on 2nd Media’s Outdoor Art Gallery

A Nation of Startruck Ignoramuses

The Sony VAIO Experience

DepartRUDEment Peeps

Plus many more kumikitang kabuhayan!


welcome back to 2 of my favorite bloggers – manay cheh and mogli! it’s good to see you guys blogging again. Manay na-miss kita. Talagang I miss you to the max! Glad everything is ok. May errors sa site mo using IE…hinde ako maka-comment.

See yah all soon. Baboosh!


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    1. busy-busyhan pa. will update later when i have time.

      sayang i missed the digital filipino chorvalay. yaan mo, tutuparin naten ang xmas wish mo ‘daaaay. we’ll meet soon…thanks for being super duper nice dear. :em33:

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