If I Need To Be Alone and Quiet, I Go To The Bathroom

How does your bathroom look like? DO you also decorate your bathroom the same way you decorate your living room? Many of us do not pay attention on how our bathrooms should look like. As long as it’s clean and spacious, it’s fine. Probably because it isn’t open all the time, that’s why we hardly put an effort in making it attractive.

For me, the bathroom is a private place of relaxation. It’s one of my favorite spot in the apartment. If I need to be alone and quiet, I go to the bathroom. I can stay there for hours thinking, writing, crying, praying and doing anything I want! If I am to renovate my own bathroom, I want it to have a complete bathroom suites, a large bath tub, minimal accessories to make it look more spacious, it has to be painted in white with a dash of earth colors for a gentle yet classic look, with white towels, some flowers and some candles to create a sense of tranquility. Check out Betterbathrooms for all bathroom accessories. They sell whirlpool baths, bathroom furnitures and bathroom taps at better prices.

If you’re thinking of renovating your bathrooms, here’s one thing that you need to consider first – choose a theme you’d like to create. It can be a traditional, modern, country, minimalist, sophisticated etc. Would you like it to be a soothing haven for your body and soul? A calming, peaceful, cool and totally simple room that can help you refresh your mind? Or do you want it colorful and bubbly? Whatever your theme is, don’t be afraid to experiment in making your bathroom achieve its individuality, reflecting your own personal taste and style. Dare to be creative. Be bold and use stronger color schemes like red and green, black and white, or orange and blue. It aint that hard, I tell you. Just get the right accessories and colors that compliments your lifestyle and you’ll be on your way to making your bathroom truly a place of solitude. Make your bathrooms look appealing to you and your guests, start your bathroom make over now!

Happy decorating!


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