Eat Veggies To Fight Aging

DO you know that adding vegetables to your diet helps in preventing stroke, heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes?

Eating veggies also is the best and most powerful way to fight aging, according to research. No wonder people who reside in the ‘barrio’ live longer. Research also shows that eating about 14 cups of vegetables a week produces many antioxidants,¬†which help in¬†preserving long-term memory and learning capabilities.

Aside from reducing your risk of many diseases, eating veggies also prevents obesity. So if you wanna lose weight, limit your intake of fatty, salty and sweet foods and eat more green leaft vegtables. But are you one of those people struggling to add veggies in your diet? I have plenty of friends who gag at the thought of eating veggie salad. I know someone who gets dizzy when eating raw vegetable, like carrots, cabbage and lettuce. Weird. Maybe, they weren’t forced to eat on veggies when they were young LOL. Reminds me of that time in my life when my mom would scold me whenever I whine about eating that bitter melon she cooked for dinner.

If you want to lose weight but can’t include vegetable in your diet, well, here’s hope for you, check out these diet reviews online and see which one wil work best for you and your lifestyle. Find out different information on all the different things you need to live a healthier life at They offer directories on a variety of businesses nationwide and product reviews to help you choose the best product that will suit your budget.


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  1. Thanks for the great tip! Who doesn’t want to look young forever? I’m sure this article will be useful for everybody. Besides, veggies are a lot more cheaper than chicken or meat right?
    -M from Mexico

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