I Love Plurk!

I love plurk!

Yeah, it’s like Twitter but a lot better. Basically, it is an online tool for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected. Plurk lets your friends know what you’re doing/eating/thinking/feeling/typing. It’s like SMS slash chat slash micro blog rolled into one.

I’ve been plurking a lot these days. I use it more often in the office. You see that plurk widget on my sidebar? Cute, eh? Its big advantage is its user interface. Cool design, with a slick timeline view of all the posts from your plurking friends. I love the layout and its color schemes. Not boring. You can even edit your Plurk Layouts, Themes, Designs and CSS . It got lots of features too like posting videos, photos and adding links. When it comes to services…PLURK is soo much fun than Twitter.  At first, I didn’t like it coz it looked a little complicated but it’s interfcae is actually easy to navigate. If I’m nowhere to be found in the blogosphere, be sure you check out my plurk updates. You’ll see me exchanging notes with jojie, maru and reynz. It’s fun and it’ll be more fun if I can find you there too.

See you guys in the Plurkland!


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