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A month ago, I moved in to the new apartment with my cousin Mitchie, who also happened to work in the same area where I am working (Eastwood). Our flat is located on tower 3, 24th floor along Orchard Rd. It’s a nice little apartment, semi furnished with a big bathroom. On first few nights, we were having a hard time adjusting to a very quiet environment. You see, we’re a bunch of noisy people back home LOL. Moving in to a new place with strange neighbors was kinda hard but Mitch and I are getting used to it now.

I grew up in a big closed knit family. On weekends, my other cousins and I would go out for our weekly chit chats.We sometimes go to Trinoma to watch movies, eat out and of course, photoshoot. On some cases, we spend our afternoon either in UP sunken garden or Quezon City circle for a round of routine exercises and jogging. My cousins and I are very close. I grew up having them as my playmates. Since I moved to a new place, we’ve been spending a little time together. I miss going out with them. We used to do a lot of road trips especially on Friday. Our favorite hangout? Parking lot of McDonald’s in Quezon Avenue LOL!


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