Cocktail Gown for Christmas Party

I always look forward to our Christmas party in the office. It’s always grand and I love the part that each of us has to dress up for the theme – 2005 party was movie theme, 2006 was Black and Tie Affair, last year was rock and roll, this year, it’s gonna be Casino Royal! Honestly, I’m not that excited. I actually prefer the 70s theme since it’s easier to look for a 70s outfit these days but the management decided to make it a little formal. Stress! I like gowns, night gowns especially but they’re very expensive. I have several gowns but most of them¬†were used as bridesmaid dresses. It will never work for a cocktail party. Should I just wear the same gown I wore 2 years ago from the Black Tie party? Or should I rent instead? Renting sometimes can be very expensive too. Like, a designer gown is almost the same price with a customized gown from Divi. I might go with the latter. I’m not sure of the design yet, but a simple and elegant little black dress,¬† that can be dressed up or down, with matching open toe wedge looks very appealing to me.

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