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Did you, for once, ever dream of becoming a model? I did. That’s one of my many frustrations in life. I love dressing up and taking pictures of myself. Camwhore, eh? LOL. Just like most girls, I wanted to become a commercial and print ad model. Too bad, my features are not fierce and I’m never skinny. I was really thin when I was really young but for some reasons, I have managed to gain extra lbs over the years. I have always been struggling to get rid of those freaking love handles. It’s depressing sometimes LOL. I’ve been religiously going to the gym at least 3 times a week but my desired weight is still far from reality.

If you’ve got the beautiful body to die for and the pretty face that could launch a thousand ships, why not join Miss Online┬ácommunity that bring models, photographers, agents, & makeup artists together? Become a member, create your profile and upload unlimited photos on your portfolio. All for free! Who knows, this might be your ticket to success. You might catch the attention of an agent one of these days. Don’t you underestimate the power of internet and social networking sites. Become a featured model in your own right and have fun. Don’t miss this great opportunity to be recognized.


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