Linksys KiSS 1600 High Definition Wireless-G Media Player w/ HDMI

How would you like to stream your digital videos, pictures, and music from your computer (PC or MAC) to your TV and your audio system? Sounds cool, right? Imagine being able to play a slideshow on your pc while people in your living room can see them too. Coolness. Let others enjoy the movies or mp3s you downloaded over the net, sit back and relax as you and your family enjoy a multimedia experience directly to your TV screen. The Linksys KiSS 1600 is capable of doing all that and many more. The device also allows you to access online applications and services such as Internet radio stations and online gaming through Linksys online service. It supports many media formats including Windows Media 9 (only available through the HDMI and S/PDIF Outputs or analog by down mixed to 2 channels ), and Nero Digital files in standard definition or high definition. There’s even an included extra software pack so that you can encode, play and burn Nero Digital.

It doesn’t need internet connection all the time since you can play media files that are saved on your hard drive. It’ll only require internet service if you’ll use the Linksys Online portal, which can provide you with thousands of Web Radio stations and online game sites. Device is also fully upgradeable. New features and enhancements can be installed immediately, just download the latest version of the KiSS 1600 firmware directly from the Linksys website.

Setup looks a little complicated though but with the help of Linksys techsupport, you’ll be up and running in few minutes. From your router, it can be wired or wireless, while it will be connected physically to your TV using an hdmi cable. For cheap hdmi cables, discount hdmi cables, hdmi to dvi cables, premium hdmi cables, hdmi adapters check out Their prices start at $4.99 and are of the highest quality and have passed rigorous tests.

Once the connection is established between your Kiss 1600 and existing network, you and your family can start enjoying one of a kind multimedia experience!


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