One Bloody Arrogant Airhead

TRIVIA: the winner of the 2008 PBA best personal blog is one bloody arrogant airhead!

May I quote ako sa COMMENT OF THE YEAR ng ating airhead. This is his response to Bluep’s entry entitled: Some people are just not that hungry for awards

From a debater from Team Philippines during the 2008 World Universities Debate Championship — the examples you presented are non sequiturs.

I (along with the other winners) personify the new blogger. The new blogger is no longer a tech-bound geek confined to talking about things that only people in the industry would understand. Outside of blogging, I’m a medical student in the top medical school in the country. I’m one of the best collegiate debaters in the Philippines. On top of this, I have obligations to my basketball team and my heavy metal rock band. You have the nerve to trivialize us?

Get this, punk. YOU HAVE NOTHING ON ME.

And get this ROCKSTAR, you have nothing on me too. You have lost the 1-inch respect I have for you. People will never care for what you are and what you have become…Now here’s another comment he posted on reyna elena

I honestly think he has nothing on me, I’m sorry. I hate it when nobodies try to grandstand. It’s one of the things that I just can’t stand.

Hoy Ginoong Chorvalais, maloloka ako sayo. Are you serious? You must really hate yourself then.  I’ll teach you something airhead, it’s called R E S P E C T. Didn’t your ilovayah mom teach you that? You do not have the right to put ANYBODY down and make them feel bad and  break down their self-confidence to glorify yourself.  FYI: I don’t have any respect for you anymore…not that it matters to you but I want to tell you and the whole world that, you BENJ aka ATHEISTA aka ROCKSTAR aka winner of 2008 PBA’s BEST PERSONAL BLOG, gave me enough reasons to disrespect you in any way. You are one bloody selfish airhead who doesn’t know anything about life. Nasa blogosphere lang kami, ang ere mo nasa exosphere na.

You call bluep NOBODY because you’re a med student slash basketball player slash debater slash ROCKSTAR slash airhead? HAHAHAHA. And what about the below the belt comments you and your friends said on your favorite Chismis Portal Plurk News Central? Eh anak pala kayo ng mga backfighters at tsismosa eh. Ang hilig nyong mag name dropping sa plurk tapos kukuyugin nyo? I say, play fair! Mas balahura pala kayo sa min eh kase kami we NEVER as in NEVER  do that. Sabi mo good looking ka daw. Whahaha. Now, does it make you feel superior than any of us? Kelan naging basehan ng pagkatao ang fez value aber?

Did you even read the whole post? The whole point of the entire post is that, NOT ALL  people are hungry for awards. Period, wala ng kasunod. Not everyone NEEDS an ego booster. Now tell me what’s wrong with that? In the first place, that post wasn’t even pointed to you. Walang umaagaw ng korona award mo HAHAHAH. Are you GUILTY??

I’m just curious? How many airheards are you in the family? Does your TOP MEDICAL SCHOOL have an air conditioner? Do you eat air 5 times a day? You are bloated with air mister. When you went to your debate, did you fly by air? You know Ginoong Chorvalais, it’s not good where you grew up old. There’s a lot of air pollution.

Tell me, after your winning, going home, did you experience any air pockets Ginoong Chorvalais? I’m sure airheads like you must be seated at the First Air Class. So, do you like No Air by Jordin? On your free time, what do you do? Climb Mt. Everest for air in the sky? You know the jet propulsion in Pasadena, California? They’re trying to find air in planet Mars. They shouldn’t look that far…I’ll tell them there’s an air factory planted in your head! Just be careful though, you might erupt your head anytime. Ouch! And what are your plans now? I bet, you like working in the airforce? Taliban Airforce perhaps? Or the Mujahideen of the Afghanistan? You can be an environmenalist to fight for clean air. Now, of course that means, you’ll have to evaporate!

Oh yeah, I am a NOBODY too – and this nobody is soooo frekin pissed with airheads like you. I am also one of the NOBODIES who pays 15000 worth of tax each month (you do the math) so that airheads like you can brag to the OTHER NOBODIES that you study in the TOP MEDICAL CHUVA to become the world’s best chovarloo ek ek!

Get this Rockstar, you are less than nothing to me! You’re an anti-matter! Surely, you exist but not to nobodies like me. You’re a negative infinity! Tseh!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Kabog gurl!!!!!!!!! Beh buti nga sa ‘yo Rockstar! Ang kapal ng mukha mo kasi. Baka ikaw yung bagong one-man-show ni Rustom Padilla – – si Binibining Hangin! Hahahah! Kaya pala nag-ba-ballet ngayon si Rustom dahil ang hirap bali-baligtarin ang mga degrees at extra-curricular activities mo day!

    Ika nga ni Cherrie Gil sa Bituing Walang Ningning – – “YOU WILL NEVER MAKE IT!” Hahahaha~~

  2. anubey kinabagan ako sa post mong ito, napuno ng hangin ang tiyan ko!!!! *brup* ayan nailabas ko na ang masamang hangin na dala ng post mo 🙂

  3. I don’t even know this guy but I don’t like him now! Masyadong na disillusion ng marami nyang personalities hehehe! Di kaya fag?!!! cyber fag hehehe! Nice Malen dapat lampasuhin ang mga balahura!

  4. sino ba maari mgemail ng post na un..gusto ko mabasa ng buo.
    hanggang ngaun nde pa rin ako makapasok sa blog ni kuya blue.

  5. ateng sino kaaway mo?may rock star na bang bago? akala ko ako lang ang natatanging rock star sa net?hahahaa…bigay mo number niya teng…bibigyan ko siya ng additional na hangin…ahhahahaa..

    chilax te!!magaganda tayu…sila ay bato lang. chos. :em32:

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