Movie Review: Eagle Eye, Shia LaBeouf

Toni and I watched Eagle Eye (Shia LaBeouf) last Wedenesday. It was nice. If you watched Enemy of the State and I, Robot, pretty much you’ll know how the story has evolved. I liked it though, action-packed, loud with lots of explosions and super computer powers! Shia plays a very likable character and provides a good performance. I like that guy. I first watched him on his GREATEST GAME EVER PLAYED movie and since then, he’s become a favorite. I’ve seen him on Indiana Jones, Transformers, Disturbia and he was in I, Robot too! Yeah, I am such a movie buff! It’s more fun watching on big screen, right? You know, one of my dreams is to have a home theater with Dolby Digital Surround, star ceilings and elegant home theater lighting that will make any viewing fun and pleasurable.

Going back to the movies, if you like action and sci-fi movies, EAGLE EYE is a must-see movie for you. Have fun watching!



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  1. Shia LaBeouf has turned himself into a sure bet for a movie to make millions and millions no matter what… even though his name is hard to remember (and spell)

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