Tomorrow’s Cures are in Clinical Trials Today

Biomedical research use laboratory animals such as guinea pigs, rats and hamsters to discover scientific understanding of how the body works and how diseases affect body systems. Some discoveries by scientists using lab animals in research include penicillin, insulin, the polio vaccine, chemotherapy for childhood leukemia, and hip replacement and heart bypass surgery. It is basically based on the idea that animals are similar enough to humans to serve as “models” for the study of human organ systems.

However, activists for animal rights are against on experimenting on animals. They believe that animals have moral rights too and that moral rights ought not to be ignored. Reminds me of Legally Blonde 2, where Elle (Reese Witherspoon) supported animal rights causes. She passed a bill that will ban the testing of cosmetics on animals. What’s your take on this? I myself is not really an animal lover but I understand where they’re coming from. There are some people who find themselves having a great deal of love for their pets. I used to have a dog pet and a parrot when I was young but their passing broke my heart tremendously. Since then, I don’t ever want to cling to something/someone that needs to go just like that. Not fair.

New methods of research now uses clinical trial, other than animal experimentation. It’s a research studies involving people. Is it really worth it to be experimented on like a guinea pig? Sounds scary, right? There are some people who participate in a clinical trial for, other than (of course) the compensation, they also get a new treatment that may work with their condition, get a closer monitoring and they could be a great help to improve treatment for future patients. Wow, such effort for the good of mankind LOL.

Clinical Trials help in preventing and diagnosing diseases, treatments and controlling symptoms. It’s really not that scary since they have to thouroughly and carefully test and investigate  a new drug first in the laboratory before they study it on people. If you’d like to know more about Clinical Trials, check out the clinical connection website.


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