The Prom That Was

What’s your prom story?

I had my first prom when I was in grade 5 and 6 hahaha. I don’t know what has gotten to the minds of my teachers that they want us to promenade on our 11th and 12th years. I was too young then, but the memory is still vivid in my mind – those tiring rehearsals everyday after school, the preparation and everything. The beautiful glittering gown I was wearing was borrowed from my cousin Mitchie on the last minute. It was a bit small for my size though but I pulled it off LOL. My hair was filled with hairclips and spraynet. I used lipstick for my blush and eyeshadows LOL. Yikes, so old school hahaha. But it was a lot of fun. The program started with two dances of beautifully choreographed cotillion de honor. It was the first time I ever danced it and I was partnered with one of the nicest guy at school. He was also one of my closest and funniest buddies back then. I felt really beautiful and special. I believe, every girl deserves to feel that ‘feeling’ too.

You might say, so what about the JS Prom, it’s just a Prom anyway, but it was an event I looked forward to. High School was fun and JS makes it more exciting, don’t you think? It was one of the many events I have been preparing for, unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did when I was in grade school. I don’t know. Much has happened and I will tell you the details on another post perhaps. It wasn’t a disaster though, I was just going through hard times.

It isn’t prom season yet but if you’re super excited already, check out these prom dresses on Remember, you have to be beautiful for that special night, who knows, you might win as the Mr./Ms. Junior or Mr./Ms. Senior. Don’t go through that last minute JS Prom dilemma, scout for a nice lovely gown as early as now and bring home that “Best Attire” crown!


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  1. hi uli chuva naku salamat sa impluwensiya mo napabili tuloy ako haha

    yun nga lang pr0 na uli

    anyways, buti hindi ka nagpe-page 0 dahil sa mga page reviews?

    pano mo ginagawa yun?

  2. malen tama ka nga!bad trip ung JS natin nung highskul no??? di man lang ginandahan yung reception! pero medyo oks na rin at least may JS di ba! :em42:

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