Avoiding Hair Loss

I personally believe that people who go bald at an early are more intelligent and are smarter than other guys. To me, these guys are heavy thinker which causes their hair to get stressed thus, they fall out easily. Do you agree? This is just a personal opinion, but I have classmates who are already balding as early as now and they are, career-wise, more stable than any of us. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all. I’ve met quite a few baldy guys who are non-sense too and airheads. LOL.

Research says hair loss is genetic. Chances are, if your father is bald, you would end up bald, too. There are also quite a number of factors causing hair loss, such as nutrition, overall health, hormone deficiencies and overcoloring of hair. Pregnancy, illness, broken hearts and divorce can also cause you to shed all your resting hair! Seriously, broken hearts? Oh Em Gee! I guess, any form of emotional stress is really not healthy. It can ruin your health, career and everything in your life.

But do you know that by eating proper nutrition and proper hair care you can prevent hair loss? If you’re suffering from hair loss, start practicing these tips:

  • Don’t stress your hair by doing repetitive brushing and blow-drying.

  • Don’t shampoo your hair too much, it strips off the nutrients it needs for healthy growth.

  • Finally, avoid using a hair dryer. Hot air makes your hair prone to breakage.

Also, by eating food that are great source of protein and iron, you can prevent Hair Loss. Some of these high-protein foods are soy beans, almonds, whole wheat and oats. Oranges and other fruits rich in Vitamin C are also recommended. They are great source of collagen which are necessary for hair growth.

End your hair loss situation now and start feeling fab and healthy!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Malen musta na? kaw talaga pati mga kalbo pinatulan mo na! :em47:
    anyway tama ka dyan proper nutrition for healthy hair tska right attitude. Wag ka ring astig astig dapat baka masabunutan ka tanggal lahat yan hehehe! :em62:

  2. Takutin ba? Blow lang ng blow habang may buhok. Pa parlor lang habang may Ricky Reyes, kahit 24 oras na, bouncy pa.

    Alam ni Kim Chu yang hair products na yan.

    Altogether now: “At kahit anong gawin ay kering-keri ko pa rin
    Kahit anong gusot, magiging smooth ahaha..”

  3. I have been having a problem with my hair falling off at the sides for a very long time. im 25 years old so that problem is that it grows but keep falling off. I’m short of tricks to do and the worst thing is that its really hard to style my hair and i have tried some creams but they have not worked but when i started using IHT-9 Herbal Hair Regrowth Shampoo, wow, it really works and actually regrowing my hair. Im getting my hair back IHT-9 Shampoo is really a miracle for when you make a purchase!

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