The Horror Chorvaley in the Blogosphere

Is it Halloween Season season already? Why oh why are there lots of scary and nasty people on the internet these days? I’m seeing nothing but shallow, empty and airhead people who are enjoying the limelight because it feeds their ego. These are the people who put others down, so they will emerge as superior to everyone. They indulge in getting such fame, in an unjust and selfish way. They justify themselves by picking on the weakness of others. And to make themselves feel good they threaten you with their “I’m the best among the rest” motto. There’s really nothing wrong with getting fame, glory and power. I mean, who doesn’t like to be famous? Certainly not me hahaha. Heck, I want to be a star, a shining one so I can be a guiding light for others living in the dark hahaha. But there are far more important things than that. Like truth and justice and equality.

Yeah, I see dead people and they scare the heck out of me. Hahaha. I’m threatened.

It isn’t halloween and yet Dracula and his mignons are all over the town – killer clown, witchie witch, Frankenstein and zombie LOL.

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Can’t wait to see them parading with their costumes on. I’m sure, they’ll surely look good on it. Hahaha. Advance happy halloween to all!!!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Ewan ko sayo Malen… kung ano ano ang mga sinisingit mo dyan, ‘teh.

    Pero here, HALLOWEEN means getting drunk and looking pissed and whacked out at midnight.

  2. I feel you pain Malen. I used to be a victim too coz’ one of my advertisement account was disabled due to an attack…huhuhu…buti na lang napadpad ako dito at nalilibang ako sa pagbabasa ng mga posts mo… :em55:

  3. maloloka kayo sa halloween sa philadelphia! lahat nang mga tikbalang naglalabasan sa city to parti hahaha! seen my pics from previous ones? big time to ateng samen! sinasamba ata nang mga tao dito puro na impakto hahaha!

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