My Most Disastrous Date Ever

He’s so ‘angas’.

He was the typical bully type…one of the guys who cuts classes, drops difficult subjects and the playboy in the batch. You know that type of person whose presence is sooo annoying? That’s just like him. On the later part of our college years, he tried to befriend me. We hardly talk in school since we’re not on the same block so whenever there’s a chance, he would come around and say ‘hi’. He asked for my number and he called me every night, and I avoided him most of the time. Yeah, call me a snob slash hard-to-get slash feeling-maganda! Honestly, I was enjoying the attention he’s giving me that time. And you surely know how it feels when someone treats you so kind. I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden, he was all nice and sweet to me. And from our conversations, I found out na he’s just maangas lang in the outside, but inside, he was a gentle kuya to his siblings, a very loving son to his mom.  Plus, he is very talented too.

It was his birthday and he invited me for a dinner date. I still didn’t trust the guy so I brought along 2 of my friends (not one but 2!) on our first ever and last date! He was shocked ’cause I never told him I’ll bring alalays with me hahaha. masama ba yun? We even got there a little late (like 30mins. late hahaha).  Earlier that day, I was busy the whole morning ’til afternoon in the youth organizaton I was actively affiliated with. My hair was fuzzy, my face was probably oily already and I was looking really haggard with my tshirt, rubbershoes and eastpak bag. It looked like I didn’t prepare for the ‘date’ but I did.

I was such a silly girl even back then and whenever I look back at it, I can’t help but laugh. Imagine, I ate like a man that night. I was the first to finish the food. The girls I brought along were so discreet they weren’t even laughing out loud. I was.  What’s worse was, I even hurried to get home since it was a little late (8PM) and guess what, since I was with my 2 lovely friends I totally forgot it was his birthday…I didn’t even wish him a happy bday. I didn’t even brought a gift..kahit picture frame man lang hahaha. It was a disaster. Ewan ko siguro sinadya ko yun dahil masyadong feelingera ang lowla nyo. 

He didn’t call me that night. Was he turned off? I guess. His calls became frequent…I still avoided him, on the phone and in school….call it pride or whatever….until he stopped calling and we parted ways. No closure. Care ko. Was I affected? Of course.

Recently, after almost 6 years of no contact and communication, I received an unlikely call for him. Whoa! I was flattered. After all these years, he still remember me and I was like feeling sooo pretty. He searched me on Friendster and have called me, when in truth, I wasn’t being nice and cooperative to him for as long as I can remember.

We talked for one hour, sa cellphone mga daiii! Reminiscing the good old times…taking about life and career. Yeah, I was pretending to be finessed and matured, acting like really witty and career oriented all grown up woman. Hey, I wanted to impress the guy (again) but it turned out the other way. Bat parang ako ang na-impress. I was so shocked to find out he’s working as a big time engineer in a big time telecoms company. He’s got a budding career, a car, a house of his own…with his lovely wifey and kids. Akala ko pa naman…dead na dead ang mokong at hinde maka move on dahil nga walang closure! Hmpt! Naloka aketch.

I don’t know but I guess he just called again because he wanted me to see his success and how fulfilled he is right now with his beautiful family while I, along with my arrogance, am still unattached and trying to prove my worth to the world.

Ouch, it really hurts you know…and it’s still hurting. LOL


Delivered by Madam Auring

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