I Want an SLR. Now na!!!


I was chatting with Manay Thess last night and we talked about purchasing my first ever SLR camera. From Nikon D60 to Canon EOS 350D and EOS 450D. For a novice like me, my first choice is the D60 but the Canon 450D, although a little bit pricey than Nikon, comes with better features. With her persuasion and just advice, I’ve made up my mind. Canon 450D it is! Can’t wait. I’m thinking of buying it online since it’s a lot cheaper there than in malls here. I also checked Hidalgo, and man, they’re too pricey, particularly that model! I checked Amazon and they sell the item for 650$ only. Wow! That’s way too cheap for a Canon SLR.

One big problem though, I don’t have cash. Hahaha

Good thing I have my credit card. This is just what I like credit cards, they help you get the items you want instantly! They help you save time and charges. They make your online purchases fast, secured and easy. Although it get a lot of bad press, especially when it comes to people getting into debt, credit card holder can actually enjoy a number of extremely important advantages if they’re just diligent about paying on time and exact amount.

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