If time travel were possible, what era would you go back to?


I am such an old skool fan. I love arts, Humanities, antiques and vintage stuff. From old historical houses to classic movies to classic songs to vintage cars, I love them all! They have timeless beauty. Didn’t I tell you I love History? I do. It’s my most loved subject back in HS. It sounds a little boring but there are lots interesting facts you can find out, about anything. Aren’t you amazed to see how the world has changed over the years? Aren’t you fascinated by the achievements of mankind? I am. World History fascinates me. It allows me to travel backward in time and actually live the events that Historians are writing about.

If time travel is possible, I would love to go back to the ostentatious lifestyle of the 18th century to early 19th century. I love that era. The fashion was quite extravagant but elegant. Plus, I really would like to meet JPRizal and have a conversation with him LOL. I’m just curious if he’s really genius or just overrated LOL. I have always envisioned myself riding a classic cadillac to the roads of old Manila. What a glorious scene! You know, Cadillacs has always been a car of luxury and known for its smooth ride and quietness usually only sold to the wealthiest of clients.

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  1. haha ako i want to go to the medieval times and know how the bubonic plague claimed so many lives. That would be exciting since our body today are immune from influenza because the vaccine.

    $30 dollars nga pala to sa refute me haha, may ganito din ako

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