Losing Weight with Herbalife

I first heard about Herbalife  3 years ago when one of my officemates, Glenish, ( she was a Herbalife Distributor ) introduced it to me. She tried it and you wont believe how much weight she loss. I tell you it’s inspiring. She lose an amazing 50lbs in 8 months time!

Eagerly, I decided to order the choco protein drink and instantly, I felt that I was losing weight gradually. If you’re aftraid to take diet pills, and don’t have the luxury of time to go to the gym every now and then, herbalife is a great option for you. It’s healthy, delicious and very affordable. It doesn’t get any easier! Just whip up two meal-replacement shakes a day with your favorite Herbal Nutrition  Shake, then enjoy one full meal a day. It lets you boost your intake of protein to help you shed unwanted pounds and inches for good!

Here’s a simple weekly diet plan that works best with your herbalife drink:

Breakfast: whole grain cereals, wheat bread or herbalife nutrition shake, fruit, 2 glasses of water and vitamins

snack: fruit, vegetables, protein snacks, herbal tea and 1 glass of water

Lunch: corn soup, ham sandwich, herbalife Formula 1 nutrition shake .Plus fruit and 2 glasses of water

snack: fruit, vegetables, protein snacks, herbal tea and 1 glass of water

Dinner: eat your regular meal (but small portion only), add fruits and vegetables and 2 glasses of water and Herbalife  Vanilla Almond Protein Bar

Two important things here: Be more active! Like if you’re used to walking on a slow paced, make it a little faster this time. Another thing is to never skip a meal, drink plenty of water, take your vitamins and say no to junk foods!

Remember, what you are now is the result of what you’ve done in the past.  Everything that you have produced in your life came from you. If you don’t wanna be fat and unhehalthy again, well, start changing your eating habits now and start living a healthy lifestyle!


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  1. hmm.. di ko alam kung kaya ng bituka kong magtiis ng kain…. i tried pero sa sobrang active ng isang araw ko parang di ko kayang mag diet… actually di naman ako jumbong mataba… pero gusto ko lang mabawasan ng kahit isang inch yung balakang ko… 3 inch yung bewan ko… 2 inch yung binti ko… at 1/2 inch yung braso ko… magkano ba yan ate, kasi sobrang kuripot ako eh…;p

    1. if active naman ang lifestyle mo, ma bu-burn mo agad yung kinain mo sa that’s ok. pero to some people na mabagal ang metabolism…well, exercise + diet talaga ang kelangan…naks! kala mo kung sinong mag advice hahahahhah

      ‘daaay alam mo ha pareho tayo…been dieting since time immemorial pero eto…i’m still struggling

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