How To Prevent Skin from Aging

How much money do you allot for your skin care? Just this week, I spent 600P alone on facial wash and moisturizer but that’s not enough to keep my skin from aging. It takes so much more than just keeping it clean and applying a moisturizer. You have to eat the right diet, at least exercise three times a week and daily cleansing. Here are some helpful tips for you to keep your skin youthful and glowing.


Remember, sun is an enemy to your skin. Indeed, it’s the best source of Vitamin D but the recommended exposure to the sun is 15 minutes only. That is enough to get the minimum daily requirement of Vitamin D. Over-exposure is not a good idea. It can cause your skin to get dark and too much exposure can also lead to skin cancer. Plus the best time to expose your skin to the sun is during morning, preferably 6:00AM to 9:00AM only.


Also, avoid chemicals that can irritate the skin. Use hypoallergenic shampoo, soap and facial wash. Skin-care products that has rich amount of chemical can kill harmful bacteria but at the same time destroys enzymes that are very important to your skin lubrication.


This one is very true – avoid mental stress , emotional stress and physical stress. Avoid working too much, this causes the drying out of skin moisture resulting in rough, aged skin.I realize, my skin get stress too when I overwork. Fine lines are showing and I don’t feel beautiful whenever I lack sleep LOL.


Cleanse and gently exfoliate before going to bed. You’ll end up having breakouts in the morning if you sleep with make up and dirt on your face. Use resurgence or murad resurgence Renewing Cleansing Cream before going to sleep. It gently cleanses and exfoliate skin with moisturizer. It is specifically designed to target the effects of hormonal aging by helping to restore lost moisture, accelerate healthy cell turnover, increase firmness and elasticity, and even help reduce hormonal breakouts. To know more about this product, check out this resurgence infomercial on their website.


Resort to a healthy diet. Eat green leafy vegetables to nourish your skin. Fresh foods and organic foods are the best way to achieve a youthful skin. Stay away from packaged, canned, frozen, processed, and packaged foods.


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  1. kahit hindi ako mamake-up na tao mahilig ako sa mga beauty products… ahihi.. mas natural na tipong napuputi lang kung san-san ang favorite ko… request naman, wala ka bang mga natural beauty products na alam? yung pwedeng gawin yung mixture tapos istore sa ref, ayaw ko kasi ng bawat pahid gagawa ka ng mixture… nyahaha demanding!!! kung meron ka lang naman, eh pashare naman jan… kung wala okay lang.. parang ang dami mo kasing alam na beauty tips eh…;-p cheers!!!

    1. hahaha…ok, i’ll research about it glesy. soon…when i have more time ha, kausapin ko si cory quirino lol….ang alam ko lang is yung mayonnaise na pwedeng hair moisturizer eeeeiiwwwww after gamitin pwede i pang-salad dressing yikes hahahahhah

      nag fe-feeling lang ako ‘day….ako din, i’m not really into make ups…not even powder…but i bring my lip moisturiser all the time and facial wash

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