Can I pull out my wisdom tooth myself?

My wisdom tooth is killing me. It hurts, you know! It hurts! Hu hu hu. It hurts when I eat, chew and it hurts even more when I laugh LOL. I seriously want to grip it with pliers and pull it out myself. I had an appointment with my dentist two weeks ago to have it removed. I badly want it out of my mouth!!! Unfortunately, it’s horizontally impacted. I need to undergo a surgery to clean out that freakin wisdom tooth. I was almost ready to have it removed but my health card doesn’t cover the cost of operation. That means I have to pay for it! Ok fine, I shall pay for it but why do I have this feeling that my dentist is charging me too much? LOL

If I could, I would like to pull it out myself, just like what I used to do when I was young but my dentist told me I could fracture my jaw bone and end up suffering from serious injury. What shall I do? I don’t have cash.

Over the years, the cost for health care have increased dramatically. If you don’t have a health insurance to help you pay for your health care, you and your family will suffer. Its main purpose is to protect you financially from unexpected serious illness or injury that could be very expensive. See, now I need to endure this pain until I can get enough money for the operation.

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  1. Wish ko lalong sumakit yang wisdom-wisdom mo na yan. Para kang yung kaibigan ko, dami ng sinabi pag bibilhan pala ako ng Health Insurance. Mamatay na lahat ng kuku ko, nevah evah akong mag chuva-sign-ni-sses (tunog chuva na rin ako, haha) sa Health-In na yan.

    I really don’t have any Health Insurance at all. Seriously.

  2. pinahirapan din ako ng wisdom tooth ko b4. and i undergo two surgical operations. para tanggalin yung 2 wisdom tooth ko. kaya now, wala ng pasaway na wisdom tooth :p

  3. Top ones you could probably pull yourself. Yes, the bottom ones are attached to your jaw and you could fracture it. Worse case scenario, it can cause permanent nerve damage. There seems to be a nerve running through our lower jaws somewhere that just totally screws up if messed with.

    I suggest you get antibotics for now if its an infection. I never got mine pulled on the bottom cause I hate surgery,but used antibiotics twice! What can I say!!

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