Benefits of a Credit Card


As much as I hate credit cards, I don’t think I will be able to live the next few years of my life with having one. It has made my shopping and purchasing easy. Honestly, it has done me more good than harm. It taught me to pay my bills on time so I wont get additional charges. You know how much they’ll charge you when you pay late? The interest rate is very high which allows the bank to earn tremendous amount of money from people carrying balances.

Having a credit card can be very problematic sometimes,  esp. if you do not pay your balance at the end of the month. When this becomes your habit, you would start paying for interests on top of every interest from your past purchases.

Another thing it taught me is to have the discipline – from choosing what’s important to paying off the balance and not spending more than I have. It is just great how they work. You can make a purchase using your credit card anytime and anywhere. If you don’t have enough cash, credit card’s the best solution. Some banks even give free reward points, and many other features.There are many low interest credit card, business credit cards  and pre-paid debit cards you can choose from. At, they can help you find the type of card you need. Check out their website then compare which one offers the lowest interest rates and secure your application online.



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