How To Haggle For a Bargain


I’m not good with haggling. I find it really uncomfortable and unfavorable to the seller but do you know that you can save huge money if you know how to haggle for bargains? Whether you’re buying in smaller stores to big ones, from houses and cars to clothes and shoes, always remember, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a lower price. Here’s some simple steps to help you improve your haggling skills

Be polite when asking. If they’re selling something for $100, ask if they’ll sell it for $50. The seller will then give it to you for 80$. Haggle some more the ask for 70$. In the end, the seller will close the deal at 75$. That’s 25% savings! It easier said than done, I know but I’ve proven this method to work many many times. I learned it from my mother, who is an excellent haggler. She loves buying stuff in Divisoria esp. during Christmas season and even with a small budget, she can get home with a lot of purchases – from kitchen wares to beddings etc.

Another thing is don’t make it too obvious that you badly need the item. Keep it cool, else, the seller wont give you discounts. Be willing to walk away if you don’t get a lower price. For sure, there are other stores out there selling the same item.

If you’re on a tight budget, confess it. It’s not embarrassing to say, “I only have very little money.” Usually, when sellers are faced with a choice of giving a discount or getting nothing, they would definitely prefer giving out disounts.

Shop on off peak season. Items are said to be 30% – 50% cheaper during that time. Buy Christmas gifts as early as October. Not only you save huge amount of money, you’ll also save time and effort.

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  1. I had read a similar haggle for a bargain tips like what you wrote on a Cebu Pacific magazine during my flight to Manila. And I learned that Pinoy lang talaga ang pinakamagaling mag bargain, kaya pati sa pagsakay ng Taxi, kontrata parati.

  2. One time binitbit ako nang mga boylets ko dyan sa Sta Lucia Mall. Sa may likod nang TGIF, meron Videoki, igno ang lola kung ano ang videoki so pumasok kami kala ko you know what. Before i know it may i order na ang gurls nang sarili nilang “ladies” drink at isang trak na sigarilyo. Sa loob mismo nag-haggle na yong isang boylet kong si Obet kung magkano at dun ko nalaman ang “bar fine” hahaha. pag labas namen gurl, sinundan pa kami nang mga PP Gurls (pokpokgurls) at todo todong haggle ang nangyari. I think saksis kasi umuwi si Obet mag-isa. Hehehe. At ako naman inuwi ko ang natirang boylet. ~bow~

  3. hanep sa promotion sa ending,

    anyways i can’t haggle, never akong tumawad actually. i dunno i feel guilty ‘coz i know they’re just doing it for their family…

    okay lang sa kin yung mina-mark up nila sa price.. rich naman kase ako.. LOL

  4. hehe kung di mo na itatanong makunat tlaga ako… kami rin ng nanay ko lagi sa divisoria… dahil sakanya tuloy mas nagiging makunat ako…
    okay talaga sa divisoria mamili parang paradise mamili.. totoo ung off peak kasi ung frend ko ugali nya un at napapailing na lang ako pag nalaman ko kung gano nya kamura nabili..cheers;p glesy the great

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