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Finding a unique domain name can be very difficult. I remember the first time I purchased my domain, that was October last year, I spent a week before I was finally able to decide what domain to register. As more people get into blogging each day, it has become more difficult to find shorter “.com” domain names. But don’t worry, there are several TLD (Top-Level Domain) you can choose from like .net. info, .biz, .ph, .us etc.

But what are the basis in choosing the perfect domain for your blog? Well, here are some tips you may wanna try:

1. Choose something that is relevant to your blog. It should be related to who and/or where you are, and what you do. If it’s a fun blog, make your domain sound funny as well. If it’s a business or money making blog site, make it sound more professional.

2. It’s a wise thing to include popular keywords in your domain since they can actually provide a boost to search engine ranking.

3. Lastly, make you domain shorter and catchy so your readers can remember it easily.

So, have you thought of your domain already? If you’re searching for a site that offer cheap domains, check out dotster.com. By using this Dotster Coupons, you can get your .info domain for only $3.99!!! Wow, that is over 50% savings! I bought mine for 10$!  

Buy your domain now, choose a reliable webhost and enjoy earning money while  blogging!


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