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Last night was my cousin’s birthday. It was fun. We devoured on special dinner together at their house, watched DVD, enjoyed the music and bonded together. We talked about a lot of things from fashion to movies to lovelife to work and of course, making money through blogging. I’ve been telling them to blog eversince I found the way on how to earn dollars from it but for the longest time, they never believed in me until I let them see my paypal account. I’m just glad that they’re into blogging now and I just hope that they’ll continue to work on it until they earn their first dollars as well.

They asked me to teach them the basics and I am sharing to you what I thought them. I’ll be glad if this helps. So if you want to join the bandwagon, read read read:


For an average blogger, start off with an account in Blogspot because you cannot use your blog into monetizing. You cannot use Adsense, Payperpost, Reviewme or TLA! If you have a wordpress account already, you can’t export your blog entries to Blogspot unless you do it manually. Copy and paste or if you want, start all over.

If your purpose is just to keep an online diary, is very easy to use but believe me…later on, you will think of monetizing it….so BLOGSPOT is the wise choice if you want to monetize.


Of course, you must buy your own domain. And you should buy one as soon as you have decided to start blogging. It’s like buying your own property. Domains are very cheap (usually 10$ only) and blogging is more fun with your own distinct name. Now, where can you buy one? Well, you can buy directly to Blogspot just login to your Blogspot Dashboard > Settings > Publishing > Switch To Custom Domain. Use your credit card or paypal account if you have one.


This blog started at but since they don’t like MONETIZING…I had to self-host this blog to somewhere else.

Either way it will work with monetizing. With a self-hosted blog, you’ll get more freedom and control. To date, I am keeping 4 active blogs and what I enjoy the most is this self hosted blog. One thing though, you have to shell out money to enjoy self hosted blogs. Payment depends on your space and bandwidth unlike with blogspot, hosting is free but very limited. So it’s your choice. But personally, I like self hosted blogs better. There are plenty of Web Hosting sites you can choose from. Price range varies, $4.95/mo is one the cheapest webhosting services you could get.  Some even offer free domain names! Start blogging now, get a reliable webhost and start earning money!


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