Winning a Pimple Fight

Last year, I suffered from severe breakouts on my face. I’ve had dark spots all over, it was monstrous and I hated that moment of my life. I’m so freakin’ glad that my breakouts are less now and they don’t last long this time. I was almost willing to spend huge amount of money just to get a clearer face.

What’s my secret? Oh well, you wont believe it. It’s incredibly effective and cheap. So to you, who’s suffering the same dilemma…don’t just stick trying ONE step or process. It’s a collaboration of the many things you can do to avoid breakouts/acne/pimple/tigidig..whateva!

acne treatment + Water therapy + less oil intake + facial wash (clearasil for me) + toner + moisturizer = calmer and cleaner face!

I hope it’ll stay like this for years. No more pimples for me, please.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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