My Dream House

What would your house to look like? What would be the color and texture of the walls and how many floors?

I’d like my house to be very homey, welcoming and contemporary. Not too much clutter, simple yet elegant design with a beautiful yard. I want it all white. The house would be sorrounded with trees, Bermuda grass all over and lots of flowers. There will be a porch which has a porch swing, where me & my future husband could sit & talk. Wood flooring, a big kitchen with an oven, a love seat and a swimming pool!

There will be wall sconce on the way to the second floor. From there, I’ll have a big beautiful bed room to share with my special one, another 2-4 rooms for the kids and a music room.

Sigh. I’m imagining too much. But I will do everything in my power to, at least, have a garden in my house someday.


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