Buying My First Car

I’m thinking of joining my cousin in taking driving lessons next week. I need to get a driver’s license and look for a car soon. I don’t have a enough savings to get me a car but who knows, I might get lucky and win the lottery one of these days.

First time car buyers are actually faced with a number of decisions which need to be made before they actually purchase their own car. What should be the standard when choosing the perfect car for you? Well, for one, it should be reliable and not very expensive.

Previously, I mentioned that my car would either be a Toyota or a Honda. I don’t need a high end car or sports car. I don’t have big budget for that besides I just need something that will get me to and from office or anywhere I want. I think I know already what to buy in the future. I want a Toyota Corolla since it has proven reliable, with straightforward controls, wind-up windows, manual door locks, standard passive safety equipment and it’s not very expensive. In fact, the 2009 Toyota Corolla is actually ranked #18 in Affordable Small Cars by US News & World Report.

It’s also the most most popular passenger car throughout the world since it was first introduced in 1966. More than 30 million have been sold in more than 140 different countries! If you’re looking for an inexpensive car without it being cheap, Toyota Corolla is the perfect car for you!

If you live around Alexandria VA, Arlington VA, Fairfax VA, Falls Church VA, Springfield VA, or Tysons Corner VA, check out the new Toyota Corolla Virginia – the largest Toyota Corolla Dealer in Virginia! 

No matter what Toyota model you want, they can get it for you.

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