Condo Sharing

It’s final! I’m moving in to the new apartment on the 10th of September. I’ve talked to the landlord  yesterday, signed the contract, paid the down payment and checked the room again. I’ll be sharing the unit with Toni, a long time friend in the office. And speaking of Toni, she is one funny lady and if you’d like to date her, she is very much available. I can give you her number for the right price LOL. I’ll feature her here in the next days to come. Ok, back to the apartment, it’s nice, very homey, semi-furnished with bed, cabinets and aircon. Monthly rent is inclusive of association dues, electricity (w/ ceiling), tap water, phone, housekeeping, swimming pool usage, cableTV, stove for cooking and gym usage. Wifi is also widely available. And the best part of all, it’s just right beside our office building! I really can’t wait to move.

Since it’s semi-furnished, beddings and curtains are already available. I’m thinking of renovating the room since it looked a little boring. The living room is quite small but good enough to receive 6-8 guests, I think. My bedroom is actually facing the sun so I need to buy new Window Blinds to limit the heat that can enter. Which one is better? Wood Blinds or Metal blinds? Probably wood blinds since my bed and love seats are all made of wood.

Visitors are allowed. Anytime. So if you wanna check out on me and Toni, just call me on my cellphone. We can enjoy a nice afternoon in the pool area, with billiards and barbecue. See yah! 


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